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Performer 'Triple A' - An introduction.

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Performing started off as our escape and an outlet to expel boundless energy, but has become so much more than that as the years tick by. What better environment is there is to express your individual self, after all? J's diagnosis of autism, ADHD and anxiety at an early age made for a complex mix of characteristics that could set him up for a career on the stage or screen. He has seemingly unfaltering confidence, a memory that can soak up a script in no time and an energy that most mere mortals could only dream of! Sounds like the perfect cocktail for success.

However, things are rarely as they seem and behind the curtain is quite a different story to tell. The young person that has a fragile self esteem, who paints his mask on every day to try and fit in and where medication plays such a vital part in maintaining a balanced mindset that it is nothing short of a recipe for success with a staggering cliff edge.

It is here that you will read about the reality of performing with a complex yet invisible disability. Where we have discovered three types of people:

  1. I understand the 'triple A' but will not be making reasonable adjustments for you as you need to learn to fit in.

  2. I don't get it and I will opt for the easier route as the industry is too fast moving to do any other.

  3. Let's work together and make this happen!

These people can make or break an opportunity in seconds and with this comes weeks of self esteem rebuilding or an absolute golden moment. There is no in-between. Some would say that this is true for all performers and maybe there are similarities but we hope that this blog goes some way to illustrating the true reality of the 'triple A' and the performing circuit.

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Aug 31, 2020

so happy you’ve decided to write again. sam x

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